About Us

Mission Statement

Camp Woodboia seeks to provide an opportunity for each camper to experience the wonder of God’s natural world, grow in self-esteem and explore the Christian faith through fellowship, study and fun.


  • Every child will be accepted as the person they are.
  • Every child will feel cared for and listened to.
  • For every child, safety and the right to take risks will be carefully balanced.

Camp Woodboia’s Story

Started as a Church Camp in the summer of 1949 by Rev. V.A. Wilkinson of Lafleche (Business Manager), Robert Bater (student minister at Fir Mountain), Tom Gilchrist (student minister at McCord), and Fleming Holm (student minister at Mankota), the churches in the area have worked together to offer children a great time of activity, fun and learning, as well as spiritual orientation to life that can last a life-time.

Camp Woodboia is nestled between Wood Mountain Regional Park and Wood Mountain Historic Park. And the Camp benefits from the facilities that the other two offer. There is ample space for children to play and explore, as well as enjoy the outdoors. The newly constructed Swimming Pool in Wood Mountain Regional Park is a great blessing, as we have a special Swim Camp with swimming lessons included for that Camp. The Discovery and Explorer Camps also include swimming for a shorter time as one the activities.

Camp Woodboia’s Board

The Camp’s Board of Directors fulfil their specific responsibilities in the Board as indicated below and also work together to maintain and enhance the facilities of Camp Woodboia. The Board is currently taking steps to construct new flush toilets and give a facelift to the cabins.

The Board Directors and respective responsibilities

Janelle Shaw Chair
Wendy Gibson Vice Chair
Gail Mergan Secretary
Deidre Nelson Treasurer
Candace Richels Leadership
Larry Coghlin Property
Janelle Shaw Rentals
Charlene Orr Privacy Officer
Marla Gavelin Registrar
Wendy Gibson Camping Standards
Wendy Gibson Publicity
Tasha Pituley Regional Park Liaison

Accreditations and Award

Camp Wooboia is accredited by The United Church of Canada and ongoing supervision with regard to standards is done by Saskatchewan Conference. We have undergone the process for final approval by the Saskatchewan Camping Association as an accredited Camp.

Sonia Falconer, the present Chair of the Board, was awarded the 2011 Camping Award by The United Church of Canada. The citation of Sonia’s contributions to Camp Woodboia were printed and circulated at Connections 2011 in Prince Edward Island in September.