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Camp Woodboia was started as a Church Camp in the summer of 1949 by Rev. V.A. Wilkinson (in Lafleche), Robert Bater (Student Minister in Fir Mountain), Tom Gilchrist (Student Minister in McCord), and Fleming Holm (Student Minister in Mankota). Since then, the churches in the area have worked together to offer children a memorable summer camp experience filled with fun and learning, as well as spiritual orientation that lasts a life-time.

Camp Woodboia is nestled between Wood Mountain Regional Park and Wood Mountain Historic Park and benefits from the facilities that these two terrific locations offer. There is ample space for children to play and explore as they enjoy the outdoors. The swimming pool in Wood Mountain Regional Park is a great blessing, as it provides the opportunity for campers to take a refreshing dip on hot summer days. 


Camp Woodboia is a safe space for children, youth, and adults to gather in community for reconciliation and renewal. All will have an opportunity to grow in Christian faith through friendship, learning, and play, while respecting and
enjoying the wonders of Mother Earth.


- Every child will be accepted.

- Every child will feel cared for and listened to.
- For every child, safety and the right to take risks will be carefully balanced.
- Every child will have opportunities to discover Indigenous stories, values, and spirituality.

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Our Mission
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Inclusion Statement

Camp Woodboia seeks to welcome campers of all abilities, socioeconomic status, culture, race, gender, or sexual orientation. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s suitability or experience at Camp, please contact us to discuss any barriers, supports, and accommodations. If we are unable to provide a good camp experience for your child, we will do our best to connect you with other camps which may be better able to offer what your child needs.

Our Values

Truth and Reconciliation Statement

Situated on Treaty 4 territory, adjacent to the only Lakota First Nations in Canada, Camp Woodboia strives to facilitate Truth and Reconciliation with our Indigenous neighbours within our communities, our board of directors, and our children’s camps.


- To dialogue with Indigenous Elders and discover their heritage of spirituality and respect for Mother Earth.
- To build intercultural understanding, speak truth, and pursue healing with Indigenous peoples of Canada.
- To include authentic Indigenous programming in our children’s camps, leader training, and board activities.
- Reconciliation, seeking the goals of the 94 Calls to Action (Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada 2015), will be an ongoing generational process for Camp Woodboia.

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Camp Woodboia was a lot of fun. The food was great and I really enjoyed myself!

Gabriel Tallon-Dyck,

First Time Camper

Camp is an annual event that our girls talk about for weeks before, and months after! It's always a highlight of their summer!

Calvin Gavelin,


You'll make friends to remember for years to come both as a camper and as a leader.

Lindsey Kriston,
Cabin Leader


Camp Wooboia is accredited by The United Church of Canada. and the Saskatchewan Camps Association.

Our camp takes the wellness of our campers very seriously. As such, each year before the camp season begins, our site undergoes a health and safety inspection from the Public Health Inspector.

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Our Board

The Camp’s Board of Directors fulfil their specific responsibilities in the Board as indicated below and also work together to maintain and enhance the facilities of Camp Woodboia. 

2022 Board of Directors:

Chair - Janelle Shaw

Vice Chair - Wendy Gibson


Treasurer - Deidre Nelson

Leadership - Candace Richels

Property - Larry Coghlin

Rentals - Janelle Shaw

Management - IN TRANSITION

Privacy Officer - Charlene Orr

Registrar - Marla Gavelin

Camping Standards - Wendy Gibson

Publicity & Social Media - Janelle Shaw

Regional Park Liaison - Tasha Pituley

Board of Directors
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